To announce or not to announce, that is the question.

In the Bothsides article, “Should Startups Announce Their Funding?”, this question is dicussed and answered with a resounding, “YES!”

Bothsides offers 5 good tips about releasing such an announcement:

#1 You might get more help.  If you announce your start-up funding, people will see that you are a good investment, and maybe help you even more.

#2 Watch your legal stuff.  Filling a Form D for Reg D, a legal obligation after 15 days of selling a private security, will automatically go on public record.  If you don’t announce it, someone else will.  There is a huge amount of merit in choosing your time and way to make an important business announcement.

#3 Announce it solo.  Take every opportunity for the limelight; so don’t combine it with something else earthshattering.

#4 Be ready.  Once you announce, your competition will pay attention.

#5 Be open.  Don’t try to make this a sneaky thing, just tell it straight.

Posted by Jessica Frye


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