The Struggle: Upholding Positive Image While Upholding True Principles

By Ian Andersen

Ordain Women, a Mormon women’s group advocating for equal rights in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, intend to march into Temple Square to attend the Priesthood Session in the upcoming General Conference.

It’s an interesting proposition that in the past this group has sought for the Priesthood Authority, as is given to males that abide by certain worthiness standards.

I assume that the Church’s PR department has its hands full with trying to acknowledge this group’s voice and ideas while advocating for the interest the Church has in maintaining the integrity of the restored principles of the gospel.

We may or may not be faced in the future with a similar problem that we are advocating on behalf of a company while allowing the validation of a certain public’s sentiments on some issue.

We have to be creative and respectful but also make sure that we uphold proper principles of honesty and integrity without alienating the public.


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