Enough said

By Chris Shaw

As a global icon. One can have much power in words and deed. As for one who has grown up in a era of “MJ” or “23” regardless of interest or preference Michael Jordan is known. As he the one where lyrics were created to dream “I believe I can fly” And have images of a dunk etched in all that that represents him. As for PR and marketing he has and continues to do it all. Last year it was reported he earned 90 million dollars from all his work endeavors.

This article I recently read define PR

“On March 18, 1995, Michael Jordan released these two words in an official statement announcing his return to the NBA. It was all he had to say, all he needed to say.

For the sake of looking back at this singular moment, here’s a look at the original press release. The image of the statement was dug up by SoleCollector.com, and it shows Jordan’s unforgettable words as intimated to his agent, David Falk of Falk Associates Management Enterprises.

One can only imagine the conversation that took place when Jordan said he wanted to come out of his 17-month-old retirement. We can only presume it was as straightforward and short as the release itself.

“So Mike,” Falk perhaps said. “The press keeps asking. They want to know what your plans are for the future.”

“Tell them I’m back,” Jordan probably said.

“Anything else?” 

“Nope. That’s it.”

The words were so simple, so Jordan that Sports Illustrated plastered them across its front page in the March 1995 issue dedicated to the Bulls star’s comeback. It was all anyone needed to know—all anyone wanted to know.”

Here is the image of the Press Release:


The words are simple. I’M BACK, was the statement Micheal Jordan announced in his return from a short retirement.


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