The Grammar Police Have Been Spotted!

by Ian Andersen

I’m sure most of us have come across someone that can’t write. It may have been an email, a text message, or even an academic paper or article. A friend may have come to us and asked, “Will you read over my paper and see if there’s anything wrong with it?”

March 4th was National Grammar Day, which is to, well, celebrate the proper use of grammar and other such things.

As aspiring communication professionals, we can’t afford to make silly mistakes that hurt our credibility. Even in writing this I hope my writing is flawless. If not, obviously you’d think: “Wow, the guy that wrote this can’t even write properly, what a(n) (oxy) moron!”

Nevertheless, we ought to be careful how we write, make sure we use proper grammar and punctuation so that if there is a problem with credibility, it isn’t related to our (in)ability to communicate.


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