PR promptings

Yes, tonight 03/05/14 during the PRSSA tweet chat. The question was asked: “Who has solid PR firm?” Many including I, responded: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. No bias from me just read the facts over time and that every time when needed the church can correctly place firm information concerning the church position worldwide. To always clarify, affirm and stand correctly in their policy, doctrine, and or position.

Within the last week a major PR moment I noticed for precaution and safety measures regarded the 23 full time missionaries serving in the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission. Those missionaries were transferred from the Crimean Peninsula to other areas within the mission as a precautionary measure. Even though the effects of 23 missionaries relocating for a time due to increased violence in the area of Ukraine doesn’t count for the native members within the region. But rather as a means to protect foreign and native missionaries while they serve in the field they are called to. Yes the missionaries are protected by the angels of heaven but for the families of those missionaries they can rest assured that the Lord and the church leaders are mindful of them and their well being. My dear wife and I were discussing this event and the thought came to my mind that even though they the church doesn’t know or predict the outcome to this event. This PR moment is just “preventive maintenance” as they say in the industrial world to protect the missionaries in the Lords work.

Written by Christopher M. Shaw



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