our very own, Melynda, wrote a fabulous on the importance of case studies. Perfect timing with our homework assignment this week!

The Socialista Diaries

In the fashion world, any fashionista would cringe at the thought of committing a fashion faux pas. A faux pas is defined as being an unacceptable blunder. In fashion these blunders include, but are certainly not limited to, wearing white after Labor Day, being under dressed for events, and carrying last seasons designer handbag.

To avoid these fashion mistakes, fashionista’s devote themselves to magazines, television shows and Internet sites dedicated to keeping the fashion savvy up to date and in style.

Committing a fashion faux pas is certainly a fear I have. However, as a PR student I am even more afraid of experiencing a job related blunder in my future career. How can I avoid blundering missteps? How can we avoid the faux pas of the business world? Well, I think I have come up with the perfect tool to help the aspiring PR professional be prepared to face…

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About Kaiti Moss

I am a communication student at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I am a part of our student run agency, I~Comm, and I love it. I hope when I graduate my career will be similar to the work I am doing now, but better. I would love to work for an international agency one day, and hope to work on a campaign for a company who focuses on international development. I believe that as human beings we have the responsibility to help each other.

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