Enough said

By Chris Shaw

As a global icon. One can have much power in words and deed. As for one who has grown up in a era of “MJ” or “23” regardless of interest or preference Michael Jordan is known. As he the one where lyrics were created to dream “I believe I can fly” And have images of a dunk etched in all that that represents him. As for PR and marketing he has and continues to do it all. Last year it was reported he earned 90 million dollars from all his work endeavors.

This article I recently read define PR

“On March 18, 1995, Michael Jordan released these two words in an official statement announcing his return to the NBA. It was all he had to say, all he needed to say.

For the sake of looking back at this singular moment, here’s a look at the original press release. The image of the statement was dug up by SoleCollector.com, and it shows Jordan’s unforgettable words as intimated to his agent, David Falk of Falk Associates Management Enterprises.

One can only imagine the conversation that took place when Jordan said he wanted to come out of his 17-month-old retirement. We can only presume it was as straightforward and short as the release itself.

“So Mike,” Falk perhaps said. “The press keeps asking. They want to know what your plans are for the future.”

“Tell them I’m back,” Jordan probably said.

“Anything else?” 

“Nope. That’s it.”

The words were so simple, so Jordan that Sports Illustrated plastered them across its front page in the March 1995 issue dedicated to the Bulls star’s comeback. It was all anyone needed to know—all anyone wanted to know.”

Here is the image of the Press Release:


The words are simple. I’M BACK, was the statement Micheal Jordan announced in his return from a short retirement.


To announce or not to announce, that is the question.

In the Bothsides article, “Should Startups Announce Their Funding?”, this question is dicussed and answered with a resounding, “YES!”

Bothsides offers 5 good tips about releasing such an announcement:

#1 You might get more help.  If you announce your start-up funding, people will see that you are a good investment, and maybe help you even more.

#2 Watch your legal stuff.  Filling a Form D for Reg D, a legal obligation after 15 days of selling a private security, will automatically go on public record.  If you don’t announce it, someone else will.  There is a huge amount of merit in choosing your time and way to make an important business announcement.

#3 Announce it solo.  Take every opportunity for the limelight; so don’t combine it with something else earthshattering.

#4 Be ready.  Once you announce, your competition will pay attention.

#5 Be open.  Don’t try to make this a sneaky thing, just tell it straight.

Posted by Jessica Frye

The Struggle: Upholding Positive Image While Upholding True Principles

By Ian Andersen

Ordain Women, a Mormon women’s group advocating for equal rights in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, intend to march into Temple Square to attend the Priesthood Session in the upcoming General Conference.

It’s an interesting proposition that in the past this group has sought for the Priesthood Authority, as is given to males that abide by certain worthiness standards.

I assume that the Church’s PR department has its hands full with trying to acknowledge this group’s voice and ideas while advocating for the interest the Church has in maintaining the integrity of the restored principles of the gospel.

We may or may not be faced in the future with a similar problem that we are advocating on behalf of a company while allowing the validation of a certain public’s sentiments on some issue.

We have to be creative and respectful but also make sure that we uphold proper principles of honesty and integrity without alienating the public.

Brewer Billboard in Boise?

When driving through Boise, Idaho keep a sharp eye on a particularly unique billboard sign – there aren’t many that state “Craft Beer Right Here.”
The company, Woodland Empire Ale Craft had put the billboard on its roof and made it look exactly like other green highway roadsides that are seen all the time, complete with the familiar Highway Gothic font.

While this is a clever way to advertise and to gain more customers, the Idaho Transportation Department has asked that the sign be brought down because of its potential to become a highway safety issue.


by Erin Dickson

Two weeks ago for our PRSSA class, instead of meeting in person, we had a twitter class session.  We all followed the hash tag #prssabyui as the moderator asked questions and waited for our responses.  

One question that was not asked, should you have more than one twitter account?  

The answer isn’t as clear cut as one would think.  Some PR professionals say having separate accounts for business and pleasure is necessary.  Others say only one is fine.

Personally, I think one is enough.  Here’s why @JasMollica thinks one is enough.

1. Time

2. Confusion

3. Transparency

4. Noise

5. Personality

6. Smarts

So you be the judge, but I’ll stick to making my personal account fabulous.

The Grammar Police Have Been Spotted!

by Ian Andersen

I’m sure most of us have come across someone that can’t write. It may have been an email, a text message, or even an academic paper or article. A friend may have come to us and asked, “Will you read over my paper and see if there’s anything wrong with it?”

March 4th was National Grammar Day, which is to, well, celebrate the proper use of grammar and other such things.

As aspiring communication professionals, we can’t afford to make silly mistakes that hurt our credibility. Even in writing this I hope my writing is flawless. If not, obviously you’d think: “Wow, the guy that wrote this can’t even write properly, what a(n) (oxy) moron!”

Nevertheless, we ought to be careful how we write, make sure we use proper grammar and punctuation so that if there is a problem with credibility, it isn’t related to our (in)ability to communicate.

PR promptings

Yes, tonight 03/05/14 during the PRSSA tweet chat. The question was asked: “Who has solid PR firm?” Many including I, responded: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. No bias from me just read the facts over time and that every time when needed the church can correctly place firm information concerning the church position worldwide. To always clarify, affirm and stand correctly in their policy, doctrine, and or position.

Within the last week a major PR moment I noticed for precaution and safety measures regarded the 23 full time missionaries serving in the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission. Those missionaries were transferred from the Crimean Peninsula to other areas within the mission as a precautionary measure. Even though the effects of 23 missionaries relocating for a time due to increased violence in the area of Ukraine doesn’t count for the native members within the region. But rather as a means to protect foreign and native missionaries while they serve in the field they are called to. Yes the missionaries are protected by the angels of heaven but for the families of those missionaries they can rest assured that the Lord and the church leaders are mindful of them and their well being. My dear wife and I were discussing this event and the thought came to my mind that even though they the church doesn’t know or predict the outcome to this event. This PR moment is just “preventive maintenance” as they say in the industrial world to protect the missionaries in the Lords work. 


Written by Christopher M. Shaw